1. Mary

    Amy, I really think we could be twins. Everything you said resonates with me 100%!

    I love your blog and all of the wonderful suggestions for books you provide. I know I am often too hard on myself, and I bet you are, too. 🙂

    See ya Thursday for RAT!

  2. Joanie

    I love your blogs. This is the second time I’ve tried to reply. Hope this one works. I understand completely about the desire for an intimate journey with our Lord. Over the past two to three years I’ve felt Him draw me mercilessly and I love it! He will not relent. I struggle to find time. I feel guilty for sleeping. I know He knows I’m dust and I know He is ok with me when I just go through the motions some days. That is my peace. The Father’s love is our source(1 John 3:1). Jesus is our model (John 15:13). The Holy Spirit makes it real (Rom. 5:5). (Sylvia Gunter) This says to me it isn’t really me, my feelings, my cicumstances. It’s Him who is faithful, we just have to show up. What do you think? Thank you for sharing. Love JD

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