RAT Links 7.7.11

From yesterday’s Read Aloud Thursday post:

Have a wondeful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “RAT Links 7.7.11

  1. Dan

    This is an excellent selection. The crafts looked fun. I echo your recommendation of Ginger Pye and Pinky Pye. My wife and I read these aloud to our kids and I was amazed at how well they held their attention, especially compared the the faster paced, whiz-bang speed of some of the modern books. Perhaps a message is there – that meandering details can add a great touch of reality to storytelling, and when done well, as Estes does, create a vivid environment that sucks kids straight into the story.

  2. Janelle

    We’ve been reading but I haven’t been keeping up with reviewing! Right now my daughter is really enjoying the Elsa Beskow books. I’m sure I’ll mention them sometime soon on my blog.


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