1. These look great! I was struck when reading this post that when we did plants last year we didn’t read a single one of these books. It’s amazing how vast the world of children’s literature is. For fun we liked several of Lois Ehlert’s books, which are very simple but led to more discussion: Growing Vegetable Soup, Planting a Rainbow. Her books I find also are also sometimes a great intro to an art project. We also went with my go to for any children’s non-fiction, Gail Gibbons: The Vegetables We Eat and From Seed to Plant. There is also a fun Magic School Bus episode on plants if you can find it at your library. My boys are huge fans of the Bus.

    This week I wrote about books about bats. http://supratentorial.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/read-aloud-thursday-bats/

  2. Glad to have these titles for our upcoming plant study! (If the snow ever melts… sigh)

    Currently we have ‘How Groundhog’s Garden Grew’ by Lynne Cherry, a fun story we discovered last year about gardening. The illustrations are gorgeous. We love Lynne Cherry’s books about nature!

  3. I really like the flower/seed “poetry” in Heller’s book. What a neat way to present the plant science.

    I’m afraid the only book that comes to mind that we own about plants is “Up, Down and Around.” I really like the book but it is very simple and geared more toward toddlers and preschoolers. Interested to hear what others you discover. My daughter also recently enjoyed a book she picked out from her school library called “The Life Cycle of a Sunflower.”

    We learned about peacocks this week. http://www.brimfulcuriosities.com/2011/03/fan-peacock-craft-three-hens-and.html

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